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Salman Khan is genuinely in love with Katrina Kaif, as he doesn’t like romancing his girl on the screen so that their respect and dignity is not lost in the eyes of the viewers.

He says, “For the first time, in ‘Yuvraj’ we have been paired as a romantic lead. However, I feel awkward. Besides, the audience would feel that the real life girlfriend-boyfriend story is being played on the screen.”

“Also, I want the audience to give our pair the respect and dignity it deserves,” he adds.

Well those are some good thoughts coming from Sallu bhai.
dus ka dum.jpg

Salman Khan has entertained many celebrity guests on his Dus Ka Dum show but the upcoming celebrity guest on Sallu’s show is special to him ‘coz its none other than his lady love- Katrina Kaif.

When Salman asked what would she do with the money she will win and she said she would give it to his charity when Salman quickly said, “No you give it to your mum’s charity - Hope Reach,” and then they decided to give it to each other’s charity.

But the beautiful lady found it hard to answer even a single question right and said, “I am going to cry!”

Catch the action between the real life couple on the Dus K Dum show on Sony Channel.


Katrina Kaif has all the things going her way ever since she found out that her pairing opposite Akshay Kumar is most filmmakers’ hit formula. And Akshay also seems to have the highest regard for Katz among all his co-stars.

A source reveals, “Akshay shot for a television show on Tuesday at Filmistan Studios. Titled The Making Of A Superstar, it will air on Star Gold during Diwali. The actresses who feature include Dia Mirza, Amrita Arora, Tanushree Dutta, Anjana Sukhani, Lara Dutta, Amisha Patel besides Katrina Kaif. All the females didn’t have a say about the songs they would perform to. It was only Katrina who could select her favourite tracks.”

And not just that, “Since the show is about the making of Akshay as the superstar, he makes an appearance in all the songs of the other actresses. However, Katrina will be the only one who will get to perform with Akki. Singh Is Kinng is their fourth successful film together and they are cashing in on it. Katrina flew in from New York last night and will be in Mumbai for three days where she will shoot for the show along with Akki. Everything is hush-hush.”

After all the lady gave four hits with him… that is the least he could do for his best leading lady.


Katrina Kaif is the hottest actress in Bollywood, she has had four back to back hits and she might as well be called this years reigning Bollywood Queen.

However, her success hasn’t changed her as a person. She remains grounded and prefers doing all her chores on her own despite people coming forward to help her.

“Katrina has not got carried away by her success. She continues to be herself,” said a source close to the actress.

“Sandhya, Katrina’s secretary, was with her and though she insisted that she’d carry her luggage Katrina just did not allow her to do so! Katrina said, ‘It is my luggage and I will carry it myself’.

“Katrina usually prefers to do her tasks on her own. Success has not spoilt her at all…. Katrina has learnt that success and failure are transitory and that one should not get carried away by them. She firmly believes in keeping her head placed on her shoulders,” added the source.

Way to Go Katrina!


After rumors that Katrina Kaif was miffed with Sallu for still holding back Aishwarya Rai�s painting long after they had parted ways, here is another juicy bit of information for all you Sallu fans and non-fans.

Just before Salman Khan left for UK to shoot his forthcoming flick London Dreams, he invited Katrina Kaif over to his home for a quiet dinner, after which he surprised her with a gift.

He had gift-wrapped a potrait of Katrina Kaif that he had painted. Katz was apparently spell bound, �It�s you.� A witness to the scene said, �She was floored by the painting. It was such a beautiful portrait of her.�


Ask the Sexiest Man in Bollywood who he finds the sexiest woman in Bollywood and pat comes the reply - Katrina Kaif!Arjun rated Ms. Kaif 10 on 10 in terms of beauty and sex appeal. Now we didn’t really need that to believe she is the best, but it certainly feels nice to see such a� good looking and sexy actor appreciate another.

Of course for Arjun, Katrina is only second to his beautiful wife Mehr Jessia Rampal… Now thats a smart husband.

Katrinas Avatars.jpgKatrina-Kaif-Photos-183.jpg

Katrina Kaif is claimed to be a lucky mascot for all the film-makers whose films became box-office hits. Katrina Kaif is the reigning queen of Bollywood now with back-to-back hits and producers are cueing in front of this babe’s home anticipating commercial success at the box office.

Siddhart Anand, the director of Bachna Ae Haseeno had cast Katrina Kaif as Ranbir’s fourth girlfriend in the movie, but the film got too long so he had to chop off her role. But the industry pundits say, that Katrina’s presence in the film could have made the movie a bigger success at the box-office.

Yash Raj Films then immediately signed Katrina for their next film with John and Neil Mukesh, directed by Kabir Khan, in a role which will have huge scope to perform. In fact keeping with her stature at the box office, she is touted as the highlight of the film.

Smart move I must say!

Katrina_kaif_actress_.jpgust 24 years of age and only nine films old, this girl has the professionalism of a seasoned Bollywood actress.. although she needs to work alot more on her acting skills but her sincerity towards her work that completely bowled filmmakers out. What more she pays special attention to her look in each film and tries on something different. You must have heard that she designed her own clothes for her superhit film Namaste London.For Yuvraaj, she is said to have tried on 200 hundered gowns designed by Gauri and Nanika, to finalize on the perfect look she needed for the film.

“Katrina’s look n Yuvvraaj is very classic and very regal with the emphasis on empire line waistlines and Grecian gowns. Before starting the schedule of Yuvvraaj, Katrina tried over 200 different gowns spending the entire day with Delhi based designers Gauri and Nanika,� said a source.

“Each gown gave a different effect. Katrina wanted to then zero in on gowns. That would make a very fairy tale kind of impact on screen,� the source added.

And finally when Katrina arrived on the sets in her costume… her look of a regal English princess is said to have made the entire unit’s jaws drop.


As they get ready for the release of their forthcoming film Yuvraaj, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif gave their first joint interview and answered questions about their love life for the first time.When Katrina was asked whether Salman was a very romantic boyfriend and she promptly replied,

“No. He is not romantic at all. He keeps it all for the screen.”

This will be their first serious romance and Katrina confesses that their ideas of romance are very different from each others’.

“I want to go for holidays, but he says its boring to be alone together. He hates candlelight dinners. He wants his food to be ready on the table when he reaches a restaurant. He likes to be surrounded by people.”

Katrina also spoke about what she likes about Salman, except for the fact that he is a good looking man,

She says, “Earlier I used to think, models were drop dead lookers. But today I cherish a complete personality. But I cannot deny that Salman and I had an instant connection when we met. I thought he was a striking personality.”

Salman was asked who he thinks of as the most beautiful woman in the world and guess what he replied -

“Whoever I have gone out with or I am going out with now, is the one.”

Perfect reply that nailed both Aishwarya and Katrina. Wonder if that caused a little twitch in Katrina’s eyebrow

Yuvraaj had all the ingredients of being a superhit - superstar cast, a director with a very good track record, big budget, great music director to compose music, exotic locations, awesome ‘look’ and that extra V and A in the name.

But why does this movie fail. The answer is simple, the formula is ghisa-pita (worn n torn) and outdated. Secondly - bad bad bad script. Ghai brings us again a family melodrama that may have worked in his favor in the 80s and the early 90s but not now. His style and his writing seems to have stagnated.

Subhash Ghai claimed in an interview that his work is heavily inspired from the classics of English literature. That definitely shows in the screenplay, the sets, costumes and the backdrop of the story. But that wouldn’t make up for the story and script Mr. Ghai. Looks like he made the entire movie for himself, as he pleased, as he liked without bothering whether or not it will make sense to the millions who will watch the film.

It would’ve been more appropriate for Subhash Ghai to make this into a silent movie rather than try and have dialogues that would make you hold your head in anguish wondering whats wrong with the dialogue writer or that would make you chuckle unintentionally purely because they sound dumb. Especially the one - “Jo bete ne apne baap ki shakal sapne mein bhi na dekhi ho, woh beta nahin, woh hardcore anti-family man hai.” I mean what the….

Anyway - Coming to performances and star cast. Anil Kapoor is the saving grace who manages to pull off fairly well in a badly written role (although I failed to understand what exactly was his medical problem). Zayed Khan had a stereotypical role whose acting abilities were just about enough to sail through. Katrina Kaif, looks pretty as she is expected to, she still needs to work hard on her expressions and ofcourse her Hindi. Salman Khan, needs a nice wig or a change of hairstyle - his performance is as inconsistent as his look throughout the film. He needs a crash course on acting and Zayed needs much more.

All you can watch this movie is for the pure spectacle it provides… really beautiful to watch but painful to hear and understand.


Katrina Kaif is the most beautiful actress in Bollywood at the moment. She is perfect in every way - amazing skin, beautiful eyes, lovely mouth and the chic knows how to accentuate her beauty well. Never do you see her wearing what doesn’t suit her style both in terms of clothes and makeup.

She reveals her beauty secrets and it is interesting to know what kind of products she uses and what is her beauty regimen. So make sure you note this stuff down in case you wanna be as beautiful as her -

Beauty Regimen
“I kick start my day with three to four glasses of water. I excercise. I love swimming, jogging, gymming � this gives blood circulation a boost and skin feels healthier. My skin behaves well if I use less make-up. A beauty rule that I follow is to always cleanse my face of all make-up, however tired I may be. I use a face wash by Mene & Moy which has two per cent salicylic acid and Lanc�me Cleansing Milk for the face and eyes.� I am addicted to the Purifying Apricot Oil from Anne Semoin. To deal with a beauty emergency I rely on a mineral mud mask by Anne Semoin. It calms my skin.”

“I like to play up my eyes with lots of mascara by Yves Saint Laurent. My look for the coming season is traditional with more emphasis on the eyes with MAC kohl, keeping cheeks and lips neutral with a bronze highlighter from Laura Mercier and a MAC lip gloss in nude.”

“I like to wear Floral summer dresses or tracks and sweatshirts or cargo pants and sleeveless tee shirts during the day I don�t party too often, but when I do, I opt for a Tarun Tahiliani Indo-Western or Rocky S� Westerns. I just cant do without my Lee Jeans.”

katrina-kaif _32_.jpg

Initially it did seem like an odd-ball-couple to look at Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan dating. He is 43 and she is 24. Everything from their age difference to even their height difference seemed a little weird.

Anyway, we digested things down because Salman had always gone for the best. He probably has a habit of dating the best looking girl in town. From Sangeeta back then to Aishwarya and now Katrina… Salman’s taste just gets better with time. And all though he is still one of the most handsome eligible bachelors in B-town, its not just his doley-sholey and good looks that has impressed Katrina she says its all about a little much more.

Katrina said, “What a girl looks for in a man are not his six-packs, his looks, or his age difference - it’s just his kindness and his charm that win women over.”

Well… Sallu miyan has both kindness and charm that has floored many women before… but he has got a deadly temper too… Make sure you know how to deal with that Katz baby!

Salman Khan wont be able to celebrate this Valentines Day with his sweetheart Katrina Kaif because she will be away to Turkey shooting with Ranbir Kapoor for their forthcoming film Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

But Salman has really decided to surprise his lady love with a Valentine gift when she comes back to Mumbai. Sallu miyan had bought a flat for her. She knows that though but Salman has been working day in and day out with Suzanne Roshan to do the interiors of the apartment.

Now thats the surprise planned for Katrina. Something similar to what Saif has planned for Kareena. Their apartment is being done by Twinkle Khanna.

Hope Katrina is surprised by the apartment’s decor.